Highlander Enrollment in the Red

Radford University has a seen a drop in enrollment this fall of around 250 students. According to the State Council of Higher Education only 1,445 of the admitted 4,387 freshmen actually enrolled for the 09-10 year.

RU’s enrollment decrease has come at a hard time with Gov. Tim Kaine administrating a $6.4 million dollar budget cut in higher education to help out with the major $1.35 billion state budget shortfall.

When asked what she thinks the university should do about the decline in enrollment RU junior Dailey Lewis said, “the school should try to lower the cost of classes for now so that maybe more students would be attracted to the school. Maybe later they could raise the tuition after the economy gets better.” Senior transfer student, Courtney Michelle said, “I transferred in to Radford but next semester I’m actually going to New River because it’s too expensive here. I think the school should try to work with community colleges better than they do. A lot of people would go to a community college for two years and then transfer to Radford to graduate if it was promoted more.”

Blaming the bad economy on RU’s recent enrollment decrease might not be quite the answer because other Virginia four-year universities have not been affected like University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. Schools like Old Dominion and George Mason have even seen increases in enrollment.

With figures rolling in leaving RU in the dust many are now looking for reasons why Radford is dwindling in enrollment. President Penelope Kyle has recently commented on the issue stating that the decrease in enrollment can be attributed to a low budget economy and a lack of experienced admissions personnel.

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Incumbent Wins by a Landslide


Incumbent Phyllis T. Albritton won Montgomery County School Board Member November 3rd against opponent George Still with around 83% of the votes.


The Blacksburg public library, Slusser Chapel and Margaret Beeks Elementary were the locations for District A voting.  All three were packed with late afternoon voters. Each location was decorated with signs for different people running for office and had people standing around outside talking or handing out informational packets on candidates. Around different precincts one could find many Phyllis Albritton signs in yards, on the corner of streets or at voting polls but I did not see one George Still sign displayed anywhere.


At 10 a.m. yesterday 13.3 % of the 54,567 registered voters in Montgomery County had voted and then there was a big increase of 23.6 % votes at 2 p.m. The voting only increased about 5% from 2 p.m. to 4p.m. with the total being 28.4% and the day ended with 38.4% of the total registered voters coming out to the polls and voting. After all 4 precincts had turned in their results around 11:30 p.m. last night the results were Albritton with 2,685 votes and Still with only 526. There was a write in of .46% equaling 15 votes. In each of the precincts Albrittons’ votes were higher than Stills’ times 4.


George Still will continue working on his PhD at VT and teaching at Blacksburg High school and had a great time on the election trail that started back in June, while Albritton is excited about getting back to work on the School Board. When asked about her big win Albritton said, “I am humbled and honored and look forward to serving our community on the school board. I am committed to helping each student realizing her or his gifts and talents to contribute to the world and with continued support for staff and teachers.”

2009 Candidate Forum for Montgomery County School Board

This forum was co-sponsored by the  League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, the Virginia Interfaith Center and the NAACP. It was hosted at the Montgomery County Government Center in the Board of Supervisors Public Hearing Room, 755 Roanoke Street, Christiansburg on October 1st.

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Part 3

Part 4

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