Working on my TV package


     For my project my videographer Josh Monk  and I picked the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. We were both really excited about it and the project just seemed to be perfect. The first time we went out to the location to shoot B- roll and get NAT sound there was a lot going on there and it was beautiful out. I was not feeling so great and had a lot to do that day so we decided to not do any interviews then. I totally learned from that mistake and now I see that in media when a situation arises where you can shoot something or interview someone then you need to take it because you might not the opportunity to again. Josh and I went out to the Aquatic Center for a second time and interviewed a couple of people.

     A few days later we realized that not only did we not get audio from our second visit to the location we also did not get any video captured from the first visit. We were really stressed because the first draft of the project was due the next day. We quickly jumped in the car and drove to the aquatic center to reshoot everything. We got another interview and everything seemed great we just had to edit,,,, and then we found out that we did not capture the audio form the interview a second time. We did however, get all the video captured.

      A month later we finally captured a interview on tape and then we could put the whole finished project together. We were lucky that our project location was just up the road so we could, and did visit it multiple times. I learned a lot from the whole process and now I understand that when a reporter and videographer have to work on a short deadline timing is critical and you can not make mistakes.