Board of Visitors

RU Board of Visitors

RU Board of Visitors

Yesterday the Radford University Board of Visitors meet to discuss ways to help the university through these tough times. The Board also elected new officers and listened to a lot of reports that discussed improvements in student life, academic affairs, campus facilities and information technology.

The Kaine administration announced this past Tuesday that there will be a new 15% cut in budgets for Virginia colleges and universities meaning that the RU board will not be able to act upon a the already proposed 2009-2010 operating budget. In response to the change the board passed a resolution that can only take action once university officials gain more information concerning the specifics of the statewide budget cuts.

The board also approved a plan that will provide early retirement incentives for employees enrolled in the Virginia Retirement System. This would involve anyone who chooses to voluntarily separate themselves from the university or who may be affected by lay-offs. The board also designed the Alternative Severance Option which is for administrative faculty and classified staff and the Workforce Transition Option, which is for teaching and research faculty members.

The university’s 2010 “Centennial Celebration” was also discussed at the meeting and a year-long Centennial theme structured upon “service” will be highlighted next semester when Blake Mycoski, of “Tom’s Shoes” visits RU.

When asked what she thinks about the cut backs being made, RU junior Laura Ayes stated, “It sucks that we are having to cut back so much, I just hope my major doesn’t get cut so that I can graduate.” Professor of Sociology Edwin Page commented saying, “I am concerned for teachers jobs and I hope it doesn’t come down to people actually being laid off, that would be a shame.”


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