Young Hall

President Penelope Kyle cutting ribbon on Young Hall

President Penelope Kyle cutting ribbon on Young Hall

On the first day of classes Radford University students both new and old stepped into the newly renovated Young Hall for the very first time. It seemed as though in this building the junior and seniors were the ones left scratching their heads wondering where their classes were.

The older students remember a much more different atmosphere compared to the new curved wall structures and wacky color schemes like muted green and bright red. The old Young Hall was a normal building with square rooms that felt a bit like a dungeon on the first floor. Now the halls are filled with little study sections where one would assume group work is encouraged.

The main floor has lots of chairs for private studying that are encased with high glass panels to make students feel more secluded. RU student Amanda Rucka commented on the new Young Hall saying “I had a class in Young Hall when I was a freshman 3 years ago and I remember it being dull, boring, & ugly. Young Hall is now without a doubt so eccentric & full of life and color.”

While most comments on the building have been good I personally overheard one girl saying to herself while walking through Young “This place freaks me out”. I chuckled to myself because that girl, whoever she was, said that same thing I was feeling. Yes the renovation is great and I totally get the way they were trying to bring people together in a studying environment and at the same time give them privacy but the whole building just freaks me out. It’s so new and different it doesn’t really fit into every other building on campus. Some rooms are huge some are so small that a claustrophobic person would have a melt down.

I applaud the school for trying something new but my only two questions are 1. “Were the interior designers on acid?” and 2. “Was the new Young worth all the money the school spent on it?” I might be a little simple here but maybe the old Young just needed a new paint job.


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